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Our family of industry-leading spectrophotometers delivers the data integrity, sampling flexibility, and ease-of-use you need in today's demanding applications. From compact, mobile, instruments to high-performance bench-top systems, we have the solution for every laboratory need from routine testing to cutting-edge research and development. Whether you are conducting industrial research or working in the life or environmental sciences, you'll be confident n the results you produce with our UV instrumentation.


LAMBDA™ Bio- and Bio+ bio

The Bio-calculator – with the heart of a LAMBDA

Introducing the PerkinElmer LAMBDA™ Bio- and Bio+ – personal UV/Vis spectrophotometers for all your routine life-science calculations.
Continuing our tradition of providing you with quality UV/Vis instruments for more than
60 years, these low-cost spectrophotometers have been designed to acquire and calculate results in a matter of seconds. With the same simplicity as a desktop calculator,

the LAMBDA Bio and Bio+ have a series of preprogrammed methods to support the demands of both molecular biology and biotech laboratories:

• DNA, RNA, concentration and purity, and Oligonucleotide methods
• Protein methods, including: Direct UV, BCA, Bradford, Lowry, Buiret, and Cell-density measurements
• Curve fitting with up to nine standards in triplicate assures accurate results

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LAMBDA™ XLS lambda xls

When you see the name LAMBDA you know you’re getting a quality instrument. We’ve been manufacturing UV/Vis and UV/Vis/NIR instruments under the name LAMBDA for over 60 years. We’d like to introduce you to the newest, smallest member of our family, the LAMBDA XLS – a personal UV/Vis spectrophotometer for all your routine laboratory needs. Intuitive, easy to use tools can save you both time and money.

The LAMBDA XLS was designed specifically with this in mind. With the latest innovative technology, this instrument allows you to invest your time in analyzing important data, rather than struggling to generate it. In addition, built-in, multiple language configurations will allow you to select the language most applicable to you.

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LAMBDA™ 265 / 365 / 465BRO LAMBDA 265

LAMBDA systems deliver outstanding performance for analyzing a wide range of applications such as measuring film thickness, and reflectance and transmission of optical and nonoptical coatings and materials.
In addition, they're an excellent choice for:

• QA/QC in development and production of dyeing reagents, inks, and paints
• Measurement of color-difference values and color indices
• Multicomponent analysis and chemical analysis

LAMBDA systems’ high-quality optical features and excellent performance specifications make these instruments an ideal choice for environmental analysis. They’re just the thing for:

• Quantification of heavy metals (nanomaterials) in freshwater, seawater, air, and soil
• Soil contamination from organic materials
• Sunscreen efficacy
• Water and wastewater analysis

Food and Beverage
The LAMBDA family makes it easy to generate methods for common food analysis without the need for extensive training, ensuring that the correct results are reported – and food and beverage quality is maintained.
LAMBDA is a great choice for:

• Packaging characterization
• Color testing
• Browning index of fruit juices
• Purity of olive oil
• Enzymatic determination of alcohols, aldehydes, and malic acid
• Wine color and intensity

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
These systems are perfect for a wide variety of applications in R&D, QA/QC, and dissolution testing of materials and products – helping you meet your most stringent government and industry regulations.
Solutions include:

• Quantification of DNA and proteins
• DNA melting experiments
• Enzyme kinetics
• USP method compliance
• Solvent analysis

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LAMBDA™ 650 lambda 650

The cost-effective choice for highperformance UV/Vis measurements between
190 nm and 900 nm – for example, color analysis of paints and textiles, and
turbid solutions and enzyme kinetics in life science, biochemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories. The 650 also offers upgradeability in sampling, and offers a 150 mm integrating sphere for ASTM, CIE and DIN measurements.

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LAMBDA™ 750 lambda 750

The LAMBDA 750 is designed to provide the maximum sampling flexibility for tough samples in chemistry, biochemistry and materials science. The system is ideal for a busy research or teaching laboratory, as accessories and detector modules can quickly and easily be interchanged to provide the optimum configuration for each measurement.

For industrial applications,
the design of the LAMBDA 750 and its accessories maximizes productivity through simple design which minimizes adjustment and maintains critical performance at the highest level.

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LAMBDA™ 850 / 950 / 1050 

For more than 50 years, PerkinElmer has been setting the standard in spectrophotometry technology. Our instruments are known worldwide for data integrity, sampling flexibility and ease of use. Trendsetting features include snap-in modules, innovative accessories and intuitive software, all designed to make your process more efficient, versatile and productive.

We also know the importance of delivering reliable data on even the most demanding applications. That’s why with every instrument we’ve designed, we’ve advanced what’s possible for your testing capabilities, whether it’s measuring the absolute reflectance of coatings at various angles with our LAMBDA™ 950 or analyzing highly absorbing liquids with the LAMBDA 850. 

Now, with the LAMBDA 1050, we’re pushing the limits even more.
The LAMBDA 1050 redefines your range of capabilities by providing a better level of sensitivity, resolution and scanning speed in the NIR range than was previously possible. This opens up a whole new world of quality control, product improvement and discovery for countless industries and applications

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You'll find the ideal blend of performance, reliability, ease-of-use, durability, and versatility within our family of fluorescence spectrometers.
Supported by a full line of software, sampling accessories, and consumables, our instruments offer extraordinary application capability across a wide range of areas:

• Agricultural
• Cell biology
• Clinical
• Environmental
• Enzymology
• Immunology
• Industrial
• Inorganic
• Life science
• Medical
• Molecular biology
• Pharmaceutical

LS-55 and LS-45 Fluorescence SpectrometersLS 45

The PerkinElmer LS-55 and LS-45 Fluorescence Spectrometers provide your laboratory with the ultimate blend of high performance, reliability, ease-of-use, durability, and versatility.

The LS-55 and LS-45 are the right choice to meet your laboratory’s current and future applications needs. Indispensable features of these instruments include:

• Ultimate flexibility
• Broad range of accessories
• Reliable optical performance
• Durable, long-lived light source
• User-friendly software
• Versatility

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