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FTIR microscopy & imaging

FTIR microscopy and FT-IR / NIR imaging systems

Spotlight™ Systems are a complete family of high performance FT-IR microscopy and FT-IR/NIR chemical imaging systems.
The new Spotlight 150i and Spotlight 200i can be configured with either a PerkinElmer Frontier™ FT-IR optical bench, or a Spectrum Two™ optical bench. Both system configurations are powered by the acclaimed DynaScan™ Interferometer, which provides performance without the compromise of competitive designs.
Frontier Spotlight Microscopy and Imaging System options include both transmission and reflection micro-sampling, and its Micro ATR Imaging option provides information down to areas as small as 3µm. A number of sample automation and detector options are available to suit many applications. Each system is engineered to the highest quality specifications, providing high energy throughput, reproducibility and, ultimately, confidence in the quality of your result.
Spotlight imaging systems reveal the identity of a vast array of chemical components within materials, as well as displaying areas of homogeneity and variation. A preferred materials testing technique due to its speed, ease-of-use and reliability, FT-IR/NIR imaging provides higher level understanding to facilitate your research. System Platforms that meet your largest and your smallest challenges.

Introducing the NEW Spotlight 150i and Spotlight 200i

The NEW Spotlight™ IR microscope systems are designed to meet challenges both large and small. With simple operation that’s easy enough for novices to perform. Clear, common software controls for all sample types – from smallest to large. And streamlined reporting tools that let all people concentrate on the analysis on hand.
Spotlight systems feature intelligent technology that’s simple to use: Smart region-of-interest search. Batch analysis and reporting for multipoint and multicomponent measurement. Auto-ATR optimization for fast, accurate results.
Best of all, it’s full-featured FT-IR with full-on IR microscopy, the most flexible solution of its kind, with an extensive range of upgrade options to keep systems future-ready.
The Spotlight 150i and 200i systems: Taking on today’s challenges – and your challenges to come.
Watch how quickly the new Spotlight Systems run samples and product expert results, effortlessly:

Spotlight 400

The Spotlight 400 imaging system is now available with extended detector wavelength options, enabling access to more applications than ever before. The new Spotlight wide range MCT option extends the mid-IR Spotlight imaging capability to below 600cm-1 – way beyond the range measureable with similar systems employing focal plane array detectors, enabling measurement of low frequency polymer bands, inorganics, semiconductor impurities and more. The InGaAs Spotlight detector option provides highest performance dedicated NIR imaging, with increased sensitivity and lower image collection times than previous systems and is utilized in pharmaceutical, foods and feeds impurity investigations. In addition, the InGaAs Spotlight system requires no cryogenic cooling, with multi-sample automation features built-in, providing higher performance, unattended operation 24/7.

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Du er her: Hjem Produkter Analyse FTIR FTIR microscopy & imaging